49 Personal Branding Questions To Ask

1. What is it that makes you or your company indispensable?
2. What ways does your business provide value to those you serve?
3. How are you or your company differentiated from those around you? What sets you apart?
4. Do you lead or do you just follow the crowd?
5. What does status quo mean to you?
6. Why are you or your company the best?
7. Why should anybody listen to what you have to say?
8. Do you like to try new things or new technology?
9. When was the last time you read a book?
10. What do you do to communicate your companies core values?
11. Do you pay attention to the trends shaping the new economy?
12. What are you doing to position your company for any upcoming trends?
13. Have you ever Googled yourself (ego search)? What do you find when you Google yourself?
14. What are your personal or company short term and long term goals?
15. What is your written plan to reach your goals?
16. Have you taken action yet?
17. What kind of company do you work for? Visionary or Dinosaur?
18. Do you Google, Bing, or Yahoo?
19. How many substantive virtual connections do you have?
20. Are you networking with influencers?
21. Do you follow at least 20 blogs in your field?
22. Are you commenting on blogs a few times a week?
23. When was the last time you wrote something someone disagreed with?
24. What are the big ideas in your head? Do you have any?
25. Do you have a fire in your belly?
26. If not, how can you light a fire in your belly?
27. Do you enjoy your job?
28. Are you going through the motions?
29. Can you name 5 social networks and how they work?
30. What new things are you learning?
31. Do you think?
32. What is your personal brand?
33. Are you monitoring the Web with alerts?
34. How are you promoting your personal brand?
35. Do you have a personal brand?
36. Where do you want to be 1, 5, 10 ,etc years from today?
37. When was the last time you failed?
38. When was the last time you tried something new?
39. When you don’t know the answer to something do you Google it?
40. Do you believe in creating your circumstances?
41. What successful people do you admire and model?
42. What do you bring to the world that is truly yours?
43. Do you rank first for your name in Google?
44. Do you have a blog?
45. Can you create a blog?
46. Can you write an eBook on something you are knowledgeable about?
47. Have you asked to be a guest author on a prominent blog?
48. Have you been told no in the last month? If not you are not taking enough chances.
49. How long until you take action?

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