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Tehilla Concepts had an older website that needed help. Since they are in the advertising industry and primarily in digital marketing, they needed a new website that looked clean, smart and techy. They called On First Page Inc. and we answered with a new website that met all of their company needs.

The first thing needed was a new company logo. Their old logo was nice but did not represent their company well. We presented them with three logo concept ideas to choose from. We worked with multiple color combinations and font selections. They really liked one of the designs so we restructured it until it was exactly what they were looking for. Here it is.

Tehilla Concepts New Website Logo

After their new logo was approved and finalized we began work on a concept design for the new website. We came up with an idea they were pleased with but it was not quite right yet. After a few adjustments to the initial design they began to get excited. They approved the new concept design and website development began. We worked back and forth with their sales team to get the right type of photography and content. It took a few weeks of communicating and adjusting the design because it had to be perfect in order to reach their potential customers.

You can see in the image above that their new website is bright and fresh looking. It is current and modern. The color palette is also very fresh and current. It is built on a WordPress CMS so it is also very user friendly. We provided website training for them so their sales team would not only be familiar with the website but would be able to confidently update the website themselves. This could potentially save their company a lot of expense. Many web development companies will build a website for you but not necessarily teach you how to update it. You can hire them to update the website for you but if you can do it yourself, you can save your company that expense. We provided Tehilla Concepts training on how to update their website free of charge.

Tehilla Concepts is ecstatic about their new website! Their sales team has been able to use it as a marketing piece to send all of their potential customers to. It showcases their work in an exciting way and helps them confidently represent their company. Something their old website couldn’t do.

Our goal at On First Page is to help your company as well. If you need a new logo or website designed for YOUR company, just give us a call at (918) 851-9548 or go to our website contact form. A friendly member of our team will get back with you shortly. We look forward to not only working with you and but also helping you create your own unique online experience for your customers.


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3 Reasons Why Internet Marketing Is So Important?

1. It enables people who are actively searching the internet for your service or product, to find you. Not just when they are searching for your company by name but also when they are searching for goods or services that your company provides.

2. It helps your organization remain highly competitive in today’s online environment.

3. SEO/SEM Internet marketing attracts more prospects to your business than nearly any other form of marketing available.

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